Having just premiered his debut opera Scopes, Spencer Snyder is an increasingly sought-after voice in the world of new music.  Praised for his “sophisticated, colorful orchestral sense” and “mastery of the long line,” Snyder possesses a appreciation of compositional tradition that is the bedrock of his writing. 

Scopes was premiered by Fresh Squeezed Opera in June 2017 and emphasizes Snyder’s breadth of composing.  With librettist George Gaffney, this work draws directly from the court transcripts of the famous Monkey Trial.  The work speaks to Snyder’s attraction to setting non-lyrical text and his fearlessness in dealing with controversial and incendiary subjects. 

In addition to his vocal and operatic writing, his instrumental music has garnered him acclaim through performances by The Manhattan Symphonie, Ensemble Mise-En, 8 Strings and a Whistle, The Mother Falcon String Quartet, Novelette13, the Schiele Quartet, the Bryce Dance Company and Live45.

In addition to Snyder’s composing, he is increasingly moved by the study of psychology.  In particular, the psychology of belief, and the morals that humans ascribe to aesthetic items, i.e. music.

Snyder has a BFA in jazz performance from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and an MA in composition from The City College of New York.  He has previously studied with Conrad Cummings, Charles Fussell, and David Del Tredici.  He is currently studying psychology at Columbia University.

Snyder has a full private teaching studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  He serves as Co-Artistic Director of New York-based new music group LoudBox.